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MAAG Group unveils new high performance melt filter and other offerings
Source:Source: CPRJ Editorial Team    Editor:(VC)    Date:25.Oct.2019

MAAG Group, the worldwide leading manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing systems, filtration systems and pulverizers, took advantage of the K 2019 to introduce a range of new products.

ERF 1000 high performance melt filter for ultra-high throughputs

ERF 1000 high performance melt filter.
The brand new ERF 1000 high performance melt filter is suitable for very high throughputs in recycling applications for plastic materials, including packaging plastics such as LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE, which occur in particularly large amounts. It is MAAG Group ETTLINGER‘s response to the accelerating industry trend.

The four filter drums provide a total of 6280 cm2 of filtration surface – twice as much as the ERF 500, the previous top-of-the-range model – and reliably remove foreign particles from polymer feedstock containing up to 18% contaminants.

As a new feature, the ERF 1000’s four filter drums can be individually replaced without disrupting production. The filter can thus run continuously and fully automatically, often over a period of several months at a time, with advantages such as ultra-low melt losses and good mixing and homogenizing of the melts.

The large surface area of the drums, along with the continuous cleaning principle, makes it easier to check the process pressures and guarantees a constant pressure during operation.

CYCLO Centrifugal Dryer optimizes pellet drying

CYCLO Centrifugal Dryer.
The CYCLO Centrifugal Dryer has been designed to provide efficient, reliable pellet drying in any application. It is compatible with PEARLO Underwater Pelletizers and the M-USG and P-USG Underwater Strand Pelletizing Systems of MAAG Group, which utilize a wide range of polymers and thermoplastics.

Its compact design allows for a small footprint and optimal access for cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the door handle interlock combination for the dryer doors offer safe handling, while its unqiue design offers easy replacement of all wear parts and low-noise operation. The system provides low energy consumption and integrated predewatering as a standard.

The CYCLO is available with adjustable rotor speeds, for micropellets and with optional self-cleaning features.

Latest design of the PEARLO Underwater Pelletizer

PEARLO Underwater Pelletizer.
The PEARLO Underwater Pelletizer has been specially designed to process spherical pellets at low and high capacities and at a highly profitable degree. It can reach production rates of up to 36.000 kg an hour.

The unique features of the PEARLO Underwater Pelletizers set it apart from competitive models throughout the integration of movability and flexibility of the components on one frame and in view of uptime, efficiency and low waste generation.

The plastic melt is typically transferred to the die plate via the hydraulic startup valve. From the die plate, the heated melt is extruded through holes in a ring shape into the cutting chamber, which is flooded with process water. The cutter hub then cuts the polymer into pellets, which are sent to the dryer via the process water.

In the dryer, the pellets are separated from the process water and moved on for further processing, while the process water is filtered, tempered and returned to the cutting chamber.

The operational benefits of the PEARLO include narrow face width die plate designs, wear resistant surface materials along with turbine-style flexible cutter hub and a blade design with a single-sided long blade as a standard.



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