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High-speed, precise and sustainable thin-wall injection molding
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Author:Staff Reporters    Date:17.Apr.2020

Thin-wall molding is one of the technological trends of sustainable packaging. It reduces weight, saves materials and shortens production cycles. To facilitate more efficient productions, injection molding machine builders have developed the next generation of equipment.


New high-speed packaging machine for pail production

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH unveiled the El-Exis SP 1000-ton at K 2019, responding to market demands from injection molders specializing in pail production and other large-scale packaging applications, including thin wall stack molding.


With a dry cycle time of 2.7 seconds, the El-Exis SP 1000-ton is one of the fastest injection molding machines in the world, and is a game-changer for manufacturers of larger packaging items.


Designed specifically to produce large plastic containers used in food, pet nutrition, paint and chemical applications, the increased machine size means that the El-Exis SP easily accommodates the two-cavity pail mold designed by Techno Moules.


To improve production efficiency, the mold tool features a new valve gate system developed by the Canadian mold maker. Designed to improve cavity balance during filling, the technology leads to lower clamp forces and as a result increases the lifetime of the mold.


Central to this machine's fast cycle time and 1000mm/s injection speeds is the hydraulic accumulator. This enables molders to repeatedly produce even thinner lightweight packaging items, resulting in reductions in raw material, packaging waste and shipping costs.


Not only is the processing cycle time of the El-Exis SP faster, its hybrid design delivers a measurable energy efficiency advantage. This new generation of El-Exis SP consumes up to 20% less energy than the last generation of El-Exis SP machines.


This is achieved by regulating the hydraulic pressure during the loading of the accumulator. The amount of energy saved is dependent upon the packaging application, molding cycle time and process parameters.


At 1,000 tons, the new El-Exis SP is designed specifically for pail production.

During the live demonstration at K 2019, in collaboration with Borealis, the 17 liter pails were manufactured using a high-quality recycled Polyolefin (rPO) compound comprising 50% post-consumer “yellow bag” household waste (PCW).


Completing the sustainability cycle, the rigid consumer-friendly pails protect contents against contaminants, spillages or spoilage. Each pail can be used again and again as convenient storage containers, or cleaned, recycled and put back into the plastic materials stream.


Additionally, IML labels supplied by Verstraete IML are made of polypropylene film and offer numerous branding and decorative options. The result is the fully recyclable entire pail package, label included.


In a new development, Verstraete has created a metallic and glossy label, which, like the pails, is HolyGrail 2.0 compatible. This means it can be repeatedly recycled without any loss to composition quality.


Latest generation of smart molding system


FCS Group launched the brand new Advanced Servo Hydraulic IMM (FA-160) and All-Electric IMM (CT-300) at K 2019. These models are embodied with high-tech components, and compatible with Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing environment.


FA series is a newly released model of advanced servo hydraulic injection molding machines, which can meet the requirements of food packaging, thin-walled containers and other industries.


The machines’ specifications and design are upgraded and optimized. The platen strength improvement increases 30%, and the high-performance servo energy-saving oil pump achieves GB first-class verification. These increase precision, stability and improve the mold lifetime.


The appearance of machine design combines human ergonomics concept and aesthetics, not only integrates the advantage of electrical control, but also provides optional modular specification to meet different requirements.


The CT series of all-electric injection molding machine is a combination of Austrian controller and Italian servo motor (PHASE), which increases the injection speed, holding time and shot volume accuracy.


The mold opening, ejecting, and plasticizing processes can operate simultaneously, reducing the machine cycle time. It is suitable for producing 3C, medical and optical products.


Meanwhile, by adopting Japanese injection screw (NSK) and linear ball slider in injection base moving unit, the operation and energy-saving are enhanced.


With the IML automation system at K 2019, CT-300 quickly and easily produced 8-cavity 100 ml IML ice-cream cups. It doubled production output through the 4+4 cavities stack mold technology, and used mold cavity flow balance module for monitoring, automatic compensation and screening of defective products.


All-electric high-speed solution specialized for thin-wall packaging


Tederic debuted an 800T all-electric high-speed injection molding machine at CHINAPLAS in last year, along with a live demonstration of American style lunch boxes in 6 seconds (1+8 stack mold).


High precision and high efficiency are both required for modern plastic products production. Tederic has expanded its solution of all-electric thin-wall high-speed injection molding machine to 800T, in order to adapt the demand of producing multi-cavity large lunch boxes at a high speed.


With the characteristics of fast response, high efficiency and high precision, the Tederic all-electric machine is specially designed for thin-wall packaging. Tederic has improved many structural parts of its all-electric machine, such as tie bar, ball screw, bearing, etc. The important components are from Japanese famous parts manufacturer NSK.


In addition, the machine's control system is simple and efficient, with a variety of functions which meet the high production requirements of packaging products, such as mold protection, synchronized heating, and open-storage linkage.


The machine adopts modular design that can be configured according to user requirements, including electric self-locking mold clamping system, low-load mold shifting structure, highly-sensitive low-pressure mold protection system, and rapid automatic mold adjustment system.


Compared with similar models, the machine has a larger inner distance of tie bar and mold opening stroke, with the maximum injection speed up to 500mm/s.




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