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Chinese plastics enterprises compete in global arena
Source:CPRJ Editorial Team    Author:By Staff Reporters    Date:17.Dec.2019

Among the total of more than 3,300 exhibitors, 509 came from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, occupying an exhibition area of 16,420sqm and ranking third in the participating countries and regions.

Haitian presents the 3rd technology generation

Haitian International (海天) presented its 3rd technology generation with the focuses on upgraded technology, modular concept and open integration.

The 3rd technology generation from Haitian combines innovative new developments in hardware and software with beneficial optimization of machine models – both in the servo-hydraulic top sellers from Haitian and in the electric pioneer series from Zhafir brand.

The Zhafir Zeres F Series is a dynamic solution for packaging. It is an electric all-rounder with integrated hydraulic drive. ZE2300F-830h, based on the latest 3rd generation technology from Zhafir, produced a 4-cavity lid with IML, both made of PP, in a Sepro Robotique production cell.

Haitian Mars III Series is an economical solution for consumer goods. The servo-hydraulic bestseller presented itself in the 3rd generation with new motors, new machine design and many other improvements analogous to the Jupiter III Series.

Haitian also announced that it is teaming up the IKV – Institute for Plastics Processing in Aachen, Germany, to develop alternative possibilities for the plastification unit as part of a joint project and to look for completely new approaches.

Prof. Helmar Franz, Director of Haitian International, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, head of the IKV, have initiated the promising research project and are continuously involved.

The main objectives are saving energy costs and resources in plasticizing, to improve the processability of existing and new plastics, to simplify the processability of compounds or to make it possible in the first place, and thus to open up completely new areas of application for injection molding technology.

From our point of view, this is absolutely necessary in order to supplement or perhaps even completely replace the screw plasticizing process that has been in existence for more than 60 years,” said Prof. Helmar Franz.

Chen Hsong sees the market slowdown as an opportunity

Chen Hsong (震雄) introduced the new SUPERMASTER SPARK series to visitors at its booth. It is a series of all-electric injection molding machines with good looks and full of high quality and performance.

The SUPERMASTER 100-SPARK advanced injection molding machine combines a proprietary ultra-high-response servo system with very-high-speed advanced computer control, yielding no-compromise levels of responsiveness (from zero to 2000rpm in less than 30ms).

Another highlight of the Hong Kong-based injection molding machine manufacturer is the high-performance MK6 series. The machine on display was equipped with an additional 2K (dual-material) injection unit, producing an 8mm-thick fruit bowl with virgin materials on the outside in a high-gloss finish and recycled materials sandwiched in the inside.

The plastics processing machine market is facing headwinds at the moment, yet Chen Hsong takes it as an opportunity. “Due to the competitive prices of our machines, even when the market is not going so well, we see it as an opportunity rather than a threat. For price, our machines are very attractive to customers,” explained H.L.A. Corbey, General Manager at Chen Hsong Europe.

Chen Hsong has just established a new German subsidiary, Cheng Hsong Germany GmbH, to better serve the German market as a highly competent partner. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chen Hsong Europe.

YIZUMI demonstrates ReactPro PU in-mold coating solution

The ReactPro PU in-mold coating solution was demonstrated. As a leading manufacturer, YIZUMI (伊之密) presented a spectrum of innovative solutions at the show, with the ReactPro polyurethane in-mold coating solution taking center stage.

The YIZUMI UN500DP two-platen injection molding machine, equipped with SmartClamp intelligent clamping system, integrating Frimo PU system and InPUR “1+2” mold technology, realizes one-step molding of automotive engine cover with partially high-gloss surface.

Compared with traditional coating process, YIZUMI ReactPro reduces production steps, greatly saves costs and can avoid environmental pollution caused by coating process. The solution is mainly used in the upgrading of automobile interior parts, bringing better texture and more high-quality surface finishing.

It is also worth mentioning that the YIZUMI German subsidiary's innovative product SpaceA flexible additive manufacturing system is integrated into the solution to achieve customized and large-scale hybrid production.

Although the overall plastics processing machinery market is slowing down, Yizumi is still able to maintain steady growth.

Yizumi can maintain steady growth because the company has been continuously investing in R&D in recent years. The annual R&D expenses account for about 4% of the sales revenues,” explained James Zhang, GM of Yizumi IMM Division and Director & DGM, Yizumi Group.

According to him, another crucial driving force is the company’s enhanced overseas sales and marketing structure. The overseas sales recorded an increase of 20% this year.

Our production capacity was doubled in India when compared to last year, with equipment for the automotive application accounting for most of the expansion,” he added.

WELLTEC flexes its high-end engineering capability

WELLTEC (東华) demonstrated its competitive advantage in the high-end manufacturing field, highlighting at the K show its JSell (450-900T) small and medium sized servo-driven two platen injection molding machine. The machine features the benefits of high-speed die movement and faster cycle time, dry cycle for only six seconds.

Besides, the advanced two-platen clamping unit has compact structure and less occupation area. The diagonal layout of the injection cylinder makes the overall injection unit more stable.

The company has invested a lot of resources in the development of smart manufacturing system. The iSee 4.0 intelligent monitoring cloud platform facilitates the real-time upload of the machine running process parameters, quality indicators, scheduling, maintenance and other data.

For the six months ended June 30, 2019, the company recorded sales revenue amounted to HK$1.1 billion, representing a decrease of approximately 13.9% YOY. It was mainly attributable to the global economic uncertainties and deteriorating market sentiments caused by trade negotiations.

New generation of injection molding machines from FCS

The CT-300 has the benefits of increased injection velocity, shot volume accuracy and reduced cycle time. FCS Group (富强鑫) and its European distributor – Windsor, launched the brand new Advanced Servo Hydraulic IMM (FA-160) and All-Electric IMM (CT-300).

FA series is a newly released model of advanced servo hydraulic injection molding machine by FCS. The specifications and design are upgraded and optimized so that the platen strength improvement is increased by 30%, and the high-performance servo energy-saving oil pump achieves GB first-class verification.

The appearance of machine design combines human ergonomics concept and aesthetics, not only integrating the advantage of electrical control, but also providing optional modular specification to meet the requirements of food packaging and thin-walled container industries.

The CT-300 is an all-electric injection molding machine in combination of Austria’s controller and Italy’s servo motor which increase the injection velocity and shot volume accuracy.

The mold opening, ejecting, and plasticizing processes can operate simultaneously, reducing the machine cycle time. It is suitable for some product requirements such as 3C, medical or optical products.

Jwell focuses on new processing and recycling solutions

As one of the largest manufacturers of plastic extrusion machinery in China, Jwell (金纬) presented the new processing technology: co-extrusion pipe production line with four machines.

As introduced, the core of the production line is the fourth generation of high-speed, energy-saving single-screw extrusion technology from Jwell. It is equipped with the newly developed industrial control system software of the company.

The connection network is based on the cloud platform to realize real-time maintenance diagnosis, remotely monitor the operating system and screen, and check the equipment running output, energy consumption and yield rate at any time.

To demonstrate the company’s contribution for circular economy, the high-yield and energy-saving PET bottle flake recycling granulation equipment was also exhibited.

As PET bottle flakes have strict requirements on the viscosity and color during the process of recycling, the equipment is easy to operate and convenient in maintenance.

JCTIMES explores the European high-end market

President of JCTIMES (精誠), Liang Bin, told CPRJ that as the company becomes better known to European customers, expanding into the high-end market would be conducive to the growth of the company.

Indeed, the European high-end market has always been a target of JCTIMES. Liang Bin believes that exploring the relatively mature European market could push the company to continue upgrading and innovating.

He is also optimistic about the overall market, emphasizing that JCTIMES will continue to develop solutions for high-end applications, including products related to 5G smartphone, lithium battery separators, PV films, etc.

JCTIMES focused on small and exquisite exhibits at the show. There were 600mm quick opening die, 570mm 3-layer in-mold biaxial stretching die (with dispenser for co-extrusion can achieve 9-layer co-extrusion of biaxial stretched products) and 600mm two-layer in-mold co-extrusion coating die.

Echoing the circular economy theme of K 2019, JCTIMES also brought to the show a circular plate filter and a new oil-line double-column filter, which integrated materials, production and design to improve the efficiency of material usage.

Kingfa presents comprehensive portfolio

Kingfa Sci. & Tech. (金发科技), a leading advanced material company, presented its comprehensive advanced material solutions to K visitors.

Kingfa’s booth was divided into six theme areas, covering high-performance automotive materials solutions, biodegradable plastics solutions, electronic and electrical materials solutions, special engineering plastics solutions, household appliances and overall recycling solutions.

The company highlighted the properties of its products, such as high-performance, lightweight, low-emission and sustainability.

It launched some eco-friendly solutions for smart applications, such as lightweight and fashionable outdoor weather-resistant materials, FOGEX light diffusion series, high solvent resistance and adjustable shrinkage SOLOYTM materials series, low-smoke halogen-free materials, low-odor POM materials, high-performance flame retardant materials, high-performance fiber composites, etc.

Kingfa exports its products to more than 130 countries and regions around the world.

The company recorded revenues of RMB 12.342 billion in the first half of 2019, representing an increase of 3.21% year-on-year.

Wanhua Chemical launches 3D printed shoe material solutions

Joining hands with Wanhua Chemical, Peak Sports launched the new 3D printed sneakers “The Next”.At K 2019, Wanhua Chemical (万华化学) launched the 3D printed shoe material solution which integrates high-quality and highly flexible 3D printing materials, including WANFAB TPU Filament, WANFAB TPU Powder, WANFAB Waterborne Coating and Adwel Waterborne Adhesive.

Based on the solution, Chinese sports brand Peak Sports also launched its latest 3D printed sneakers “The Next”. One of the breakthroughs of “The Next” is that they successfully leverage the 100% recyclable 3D printing materials in designing circular lifecycle sneakers.

In addition to the latest solution, the Chinese chemical company has been cooperating with selected downstream partners of the supply chain to jointly provide systematic 3D printing services.

The 3D printed shoe material solution launched by Wanhua Chemical is a ground-breaking technological innovation of 3D printing materials introduced into the market,” Hua Weiqi, Executive Vice-President, Chief Technology Officer of Wanhua Chemical stated at the launch ceremony.

With the mission of ‘Advancing Chemistry, Transforming Lives’, Wanhua Chemical will leverage its core competitiveness of innovation to lead the development of 3D printing materials and provide unique ideas and approaches to the whole industry to satisfy evolving consumer needs,” he also emphasized.  



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