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Shanghai Yudi New Material Technology Co., LTD
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    Shanghai Yudi Technology Development Co. Ltd is an elite manufacturing enterprise founded in 1996 in Shanghai, China. We focus on the production of a wide selection of masterbatch mixtures used for coloring plastic materials, including PE, PP, PS, ABS, HIPS, and more. We also produce functional masterbatches, such as flame retardant additive masterbatch, anti-oxidation masterbatch, and anti-static masterbatch. Our products are suitable for providing pigmentation for coloring plastics during membrane blowing, laminating, injection molding, vacuum forming, membrane casting and other processes. Accounting for all of the color selections, we provide more than 2800 masterbatch varieties, 2000 of which are in constant stock and ready for delivery. We currently have nearly 2000 customers in China. Shanghai Yudi Technology Development Co. Ltd is sincerely looking forward to your cooperation!

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