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Starlinger achieves production monitoring and optimization with GRAFiT 4.0 solution
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:30.Jan.2020

GRAFiT 4.0 is a complete software solution for central production monitoring and digital process optimization. The software is used on Starlinger machinery and allows the operator to centrally monitor the complete machine park in real time on a computer, via the smartView app, or on a monitor in the production hall.

GRAFiT 4.0 presents the data of all connected machines in a clear, accessible form, and thereby make it available to the operator for use and analysis. The data is displayed in real time which allows for early detection, analysis and correction of errors. The central monitoring of the entire machine park offers numerous advantages such as higher productivity, less production scrap and lower costs.

The system is available for the complete Starlinger product range and has been designed with this portfolio in mind, but machines of other manufacturers can be integrated as well by means of standardized interfaces. Worldwide, around 2,000 lines are currently connected to GRAFiT 4.0.

Production monitoring and optimization with complete software solution_web.jpg

Production monitoring and optimization with GRAFiT 4.0 solution. 

A clear data structure and other features

GRAFiT 4.0 possesses a clear data structure. In the future, this structure will be geared towards machine learning, which means that the system can be trained to detect errors at an early stage. The resulting predictive maintenance of the machines leads to higher machine uptime, which in turn increases efficiency, reduces production scrap and lowers costs.

The smartView app features a user-friendly interface, including the option to individually adjust the menu bar. Popular features are push notifications, the storage of recipes, the export of data into a computer program or ERP system as well as limiting the access to machinery with an RFID lock. Online tutorials are available for operator training.

rTRACK batch tracking software

Based on a solution that was developed by an IT service provider roughly 15 years ago, GRAFiT 4.0 is an elaborate system that was perfected in cooperation with customers of Starlinger. GRAFiT was founded in 2018 with the aim of providing software solutions for the Starlinger Group. The product was placed on a new platform which guarantees continuous development and comprehensive technical support.

For instance, rTRACK, a software for batch tracking in the entire recycling process, was added to the portfolio. On delivery, the goods are marked with a QR code which is scanned at each station that the goods pass through. The data is recorded by the system and gives information about the receipt, processing and delivery of materials.

The system makes an important contribution to quality management in areas such as PET recycling. Another area of application is a concept developed by Starlinger that focuses on circular economy for big bags made from polypropylene fabric.



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