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Moretto: The plastics industry wants to create value for circular economy
Source:CPRJ Editorial Team    Editor:NL    Date:05.Nov.2019

At K 2019, Moretto S.p.A. received overwhelming positive response at the fairground. The show was a test of strength for the industry players to show their commitments in developing projects related to recycling, sustainability and circular economy.

“There is a strong message currently that the industry wants to have sustainable growth and create value in the circular economy,” pointed out Michela Carrer, Managing Director, Moretto. “We want to further invest into our industrial DNA, be more effective and efficient in the marketplace.”

The market is more and more demanding in terms of competency and services, according to Matteo Mogno, Trainer Marketing Department, Moretto. The packaging sector, for example, is asking for flexibility, which is one of the main challenges.

Mogno also mentioned that flexible solutions are required for recovering recycled materials, which present particular problems for their treatment. Therefore, Moretto offers specific solutions for conveying, drying and dosing of rPET and flakes.

Recycling gives new life to plastics. e.g. through recycling of PET, textile fibers for the production of pile and moquette can be obtained. They are products particularly appreciated in the US, where huge quantities of materials are processed. “A customer in the US produces every day a quantity of moquette equal to 300km of a highway with six lanes, using PET flakes,” said Mogno.

At the trade fair, Moretto again confirmed its technological leadership by presenting innovative and high-tech solutions. The company exhibited its innovative systems and products for injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion. There were two exhibition areas, one specifically dedicated to the extrusion sector, with Contrex brand products, the other one completely dedicated to Moretto.

Energy efficiency systems dedicated to packaging and PET

Particular attention was paid to the dehumidification of PET granules, a delicate phase especially for large productions, typical of the rigid packaging and beverage sectors.

In a dedicated area of the stand, Moretto presented a drying system consisting of a XD 800X series dryer combined with the OTX hopper and MOISTURE METER MANAGER.

It is a solution able to guarantee certifiable results, an absolute primacy in terms of energy efficiency for any type of material and a completely automatic system of the drying process.

4.0 technologies for process supervision and control

For the supervision and control of plastics processing plants, Moretto presented the new version of the advanced MOWIS 3 supervision system.

MOWIS 3, a proprietary SCADA software entirely developed and designed "in House" is the latest evolution of Moretto's advanced supervision system, an essential tool for efficient and safe production.

Through MOWIS 3 the user monitors the status of each machine and each operation of the system. In addition, the system is remotely controllable and communicates with business management (ERP), production (MES) and customer data management systems via the universal OPC UA protocol.



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