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The plastics industry is becoming an important part of MEDTEC China
The plastics industry is becoming an important part of MEDTEC China
As MEDTEC China 2011 is upcoming from September 7-8, the show organizers, UBM Canon and CCPIT Shanghai Sub-Council (CCPIT Shanghai), has unveiled some of the latest technologies and solutions for medical equipment from global and local exhibitors of the plastics industry.

Among them is an EFEP fluoropolymer co-extrusion that eliminates the need for etching. Offered by Teleflex Medical OEM, the co-extrusion has good chemical resistance and high clarity, making it a fine candidate for applications where transparency is important.

Also highlighting polymer technology is thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) based compounds manufacturer, Wittenburg Plastics BV, which will present impact resistant cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) as well as anti-bacterial compounds for medical applications.

Avery Dennison Medical Solutions will showcase electromedical foams, films and nonwoven materials designed for mounting devices onto the skin that conform to most body surfaces with strong adhesion, as well as conductive gel-resistant adhesives and products that are printable and easy to convert, among an array of products it will present at the show. Also on show will be Surgical Incise Films that provide breathability. Efficient application systems, such as handling bars and adhesive-free areas, make the films easy to apply even in difficult areas.

In the machinery sector, Komax Systems Malaysia will showcase manufacturing systems for the test strip industry from Kinematic Automation. The SPC 2380 Strip Cut & Place System offers a means of cutting diagnostic test strips and delivering them to plastic housings, bandolier webs or other products. A flexible and modular assembly machine for high volume outputs from parent company Komax Systems, based in Switzerland, will also be on show.

Meanwhile, for the testing and tubes sector, Instron China will present its ElectroPlus systems, which are material testing machines that employ patented linear motor technology with only a single-phase electrical connection to the wall required. Both static and dynamic testing can be carried out using the same machine.
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